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AUGUST 26, 2013

The Waldport Planning Commission did not hold a regular meeting in the month of August. They did however hold a public meeting on the issue of Alsea Bay Erosion. The following is the summary of that meeting:

Attendees: 25-30 people attended including Alsea Bay frontage property owners and residents, other interested citizens, Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation & Development representatives, Waldport City Councilors, the Waldport Planning Commission, and city staff.

 I. Introduction. A power point presentation addressed the following:
  Overview of Alsea Bay Erosion
  Rates of Shoreline Change
  Maximum Potential Erosion Zones
  Erosion Hazard Alleviation Techniques:
   A. No Action
   B. Sand Replenishment (transporting sand to the beach)
   C. Woody Debris (placement of logs, stumps, and/or root wads to deflect wave action away from the toe of the bank or dune)
   D. Sand Replenishment & Woody Debris
   E. Pebble/Cobble Beach (transporting pebbles/cobbles to the beach to help protect the shoreline from increased wave attack)

 II. Summary of Public Comments and Questions
  A property owner provided an explanation of how woody debris that has accumulated and been anchored on the shore has been effective, i.e. sand has accumulated around the woody debris this summer.
  There is a long-term need to deal with the entire shoreline (bridge to Port).
  It is highly unlikely that rip-rap would ever be permitted. If permitted the entire shoreline would likely need to be rip-rapped (as opposed to limited sections of the shoreline).
  A pebble beach should be concentrated in the identified 'chronic erosion' area.
  A question/concern if woody debris and sand placed, then a pebble beach placed at a later date, would the woody debris need to be removed.
  The ongoing undulation of the Bayshore spit very likely impacts the shoreline erosion between the bridge and the Port.
  Is dredging a possible solution?
  According to the Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) the pebble beach along the shoreline at the Marine Science Center has been effective.
  A pebble beach dissipates wave action so erosion impacts are mitigated.
  FEMA has flood mitigation funding available.
  Potential impacts that a pebble beach may or may not have on fishing, ghost shrimping, etc. need to be determined. The Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (ODF&W) will need to provide input on this.
  Opinion that a pebble beach would be a non-issue regarding impacts to wildlife or fisheries.
  Opinion that the Alsea Bay erosion is a community problem, therefore a community solution is needed.
  History of 1980's Bayshore experience share, i.e. accumulation of significant logs and sand followed by storms that washed all logs and sand away.

 III. Public Preferences - attendees were each given one sticker to place on their preferred erosion hazard alleviation technique. Results:

Erosion Hazard Alleviation Techniques    # of Stickers
A. No Action 0
B. Sand Replenishment
(transporting sand to the beach)
C. Woody Debris (placement of
logs, stumps, and/or root wads
to deflect wave action away from
the toe of the bank or dune)
D. Sand Replenishment & Woody Debris 9
E. Pebble/Cobble Beach
(transporting pebbles/cobbles to
the beach to help protect the shoreline
from increased wave attack)


8/16/13 - Breezeview Homeowners (letter)
 Concern about the street, water and sewer system at the end of Fayette Street. Would like to know what action the City of Waldport will take to maintain the street and utilities.
 Identify two preferred options to mitigate erosion to the beach - First is placement of woody debris and sand, second option is a pebble beach
8/19/13 - Bert Guptill (letter and conversation)
 No erosion at the north end of the shoreline.
 Supports concepts to mitigate erosion at the south end. Does not object to owners doing everything they can afford to save their property. Does not think any tax payer funds should be spent on this endeavor.
8/19/13 - Dan Schweich (telephone conversation)
 Prefers woody debris and planting beach grass. Add rocks if needed. Believes property owners should be responsible for all improvements.
8/26/13 - Bob & Liz Hawkins (email)
 Prefer woody debris (no sand).
8/26/13 - Joseph & Sherrie Smolen (letter)
 Advocate City of Waldport's official adoption of the 2011 DOGAMI report in order to enact Estuary Plan amendments, enable up-front disclosure to future real estate transactions, etc.
 Advocate revision of the Estuary plan to allow, at minimum, erosion control mechanisms, i.e. beach re-nourishment with sand, woody debris, and cobble.
8/27/13 - George Wagner (email)
 Reiterates DOGAMI report that Old Town Waldport will incur erosion of the shoreline well into the future.
 The gravel or pebble/cobble beach is the best mitigation measure. According to DOGAMI the gravel beaches have performed well, less intrusive (than some other techniques), have little known impact on the physical system, and are simple to construct and relatively inexpensive.
 No one at the 8/26/13 public meeting supported the No Action alternative. Sand replenishment, woody debris, and the pebble/cobble beach are preferred with most people preferring the pebble/cobble beach.
 Urges changes to the Estuary Plan to allow the pebble/cobble beach in the area experiencing significant erosion.
 Believes Ěthe erosion is a community problem and well take community action and cooperation between property owners to solve.
 While the City pursues regulatory changes to allow a gravel beach, property owners will seek to slow erosion with woody debris and sand.
 There is a need to consider increased potential for flooding as sea levels rise.

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