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JANUARY 27, 2009

1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: Chair Perry called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. in the Fire Hall Meeting Room, 145 Alsea Hwy. Chair Perry and Commissioners Holland, Mare, Power, Smolen, and Woodruff, answered the roll. A quorum was present.
2. CITIZEN COMMENTS AND CONCERNS: Herman Welch addressed the Commission regarding his interest in the proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan. He also asked if a request for removal of a fallen tree on the recent landslide would be regulated under the City’s nuisance ordinance.
  Randi Bishop stated concerns about the recent subsurface rock fill project at the Wagner property in the Breezeview Planned Development. The Commission and city staff held a lengthy discussion. Both the City and the Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development have been monitoring this situation and have been in contact with the property owner. Improvements have been made in accordance with City provisions. Improvements (trenching, rock and sand placement) were made on the private property, landward (behind) of the existing dune, landward of the riparian area, and landward of the Breezeview PD common area. The property owner plans to plant additional beach grass along the western edge of his property. There was a question about the use of a large pipe that was seen on the site during the construction (which turned out to be a large roll of geo-textile fabric used to help keep sand from migrating).
3. COMMISSION COMMENTS AND CONCERNS: Commissioner Smolen stated that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has money available for updating estuary plans. The program is administered through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  Commissioners expressed concerns about unsightly signs along Highway 101 through downtown.
  The Commission discussed the process for ensuring planned developments and subdivisions adhere to all conditions of approval. The Commission discussed the idea of a final 'check list' to be used by city staff to help ensure all conditions are adhered to. The Commission also discussed CC&Rs and how homeowners associations are able to amend CC&Rs after final approvals and development occurs. The City cannot control CC&Rs but specific conditions of the PD or subdivision approvals can be made to ensure certain standards and regulations remain in existence.
4. MINUTES: The Commission considered the minutes from the December 16, 2008 Meeting. Commissioner Holland moved to approve the minutes as presented. Commissioner Smolen seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
  A. Planning Report: Mr. Lewis reviewed his written report.
  B. Comprehensive Plan Amendments: The Commission concluded discussion on the draft Citizen Involvement; Land Use Planning, Urbanization and Intergovernmental Coordination; Agricultural Lands, and Forest Lands sections. The Section V. Open Space, Natural, Scenic and Historical Resources, Section VI. Air, Water and Land Resources Quality and, Section VII. Natural Hazards were discussed and proposed changes to the drafts were made. Mr. Lewis will redraft these sections based on Commission comments for further discussion at the February 24, 2009 meeting.
  The consensus of the Commission was to review the redrafted Section V. Open Space, Natural, Scenic and Historical Resources, Section VI. Air, Water and Land Resources Quality and, Section VII. Natural Hazards sections, and begin review of additional sections of the Comprehensive Plan Goals & Policies at the February 24, 2009 meeting.
  C. Other Issues: Mr. Lewis reminded the Commission that their next meeting will be February 24, 2009, 2:00 p.m. in the Fire Hall meeting room.
8. ADJOURNMENT: At 4:47 p.m., there being no further business to come before the Commission, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Reda A. Quinlan, City Recorder
APPROVED by the Planning Commission this 24th day of March, 2009.
SIGNED by the Chair this 24th day of March, 2009.
Dave Perry, Chair