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Jan Carr
Bob Carr
Frankie Petrick, Chief, Yachats Rural Fire District
Derek Clawson, Chief, Central Coast Fire District
John deTar, Oregon Dept. of Transportation (via telephone)
Dave Perry, Planning Commission
Greg Holland, Planning Commission
Chuck Johnston, Planning Commission
John Mare, Planning Commission
Jan Power, Planning Commission
Sherrie Smolen, Planning Commission
Ray Woodruff, Planning Commission
Larry Lewis, City Planner

  The purpose of the workshop was to identify transportation issues and improvements needed in Waldport for the next 20 years. This information is to be used to help update the transportation goals and policies, and the transportation system plan.

A. Arterials and Collectors
  1. Highway 101
  a. Hwy. 101/Starr St./Norwood Dr. Intersection - The City plans to make improvements in 2009. The improvement will realign Norwood Drive to intersect with Starr Street. The Starr Street/Norwood Drive intersection will be relocated away from Hwy. 101.
  b. Seawall - Pedestrian and bicycle facilities are needed along the seawall.
  c. Hwy 101 Corridor from the seawall south to Gov. Patterson State Park Improvements will be needed to this section of Hwy. 101 as increased development and traffic occurs. A refinement plan is needed to identify needed improvements, i.e. 3 or 4 lane configuration with bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  d. Gov. Patterson State Park There are turning conflicts with park user ingress/egress and Hwy. 101 motorists. Future improvements may include realigning the park entrance to align with Ocean Hills Drive and a center turn lane on Hwy. 101 between the park and Range Drive.
  e. Potential New or Improved East-West Oriented Street - A new or improved east-west oriented street intersecting with Hwy. 101 at the south end of the city/UGB was identified to accommodate increased growth and traffic. This will require designation of a collector street and likely require a Goal Exception if the street is partially located outside the Urban Growth Boundary. There are (vertical) sight distance issues on Hwy. 101 that will need to be addressed.
  2. Highway 34 (Alsea Highway)
  a. Lint Slough Bridge - ODOT plans to replace the bridge in 2011. The new bridge will be longer and wider. There will likely be impacts to the Hwy. 34/Mill Street intersection.
  b. Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities - There is a need for bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Hwy. 34. There are numerous people who walk or bike on Hwy. 34 now. There would be more people walking and biking if a safe bike/pedestrian path(s) is constructed.
  c. Intersections - There are some unsafe intersections on Hwy. 34, i.e. at McKinley Marina and Waldport Heights Drive.
  d. Speeding is an issue on Hwy. 34.
  3. Range Drive
  a. Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities - Range Drive needs bicycle and pedestrian facilities from Hwy. 101 to Crestline Drive.
  b. Curves make Range Drive unsafe.
  c. Truck/Industrial traffic conflicts with residential traffic. Per ODOT, cities cannot restrict truck traffic (unless due to weight limits).
  4. Crestline Drive
  a. Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities are needed between Hwy. 34 and the elementary/ middle schools.
  b. Traffic Impacts with High School Relocation Will Crestline Drive improvements be needed due to increased traffic when the high school relocates to the elementary/middle school site?
  c. Lincoln County currently has jurisdiction of Crestline Drive south of Range Drive.
  5. Cedar Street (Hwy. 34 Crestline Drive)
  No issues or need for improvements identified. The sidewalk on the west and south side of the street has been completed.
B. Geographic Areas and Local Streets
  1. Downtown
  a. Maple Street Truck traffic has become an issue. Maple Street is primarily a residential street. Truck traffic should be discouraged through reduced speed limit, speed bumps, etc.
  2. Old Town
  a. Old Town Downtown Pedestrian Connection - Improved pedestrian facilities and public park land are desired that provide a connection between Old Town and Downtown. This is desired along the bayfront and between Hwy. 101 and the Alsea Village development. A map showing pedestrian connections between Old Town and Downtown is desired.
  b. Bayfront Pedestrian Route Designation of a pedestrian route along the bayfront is desired. This would provide a continuous pedestrian connection from the bay to downtown to Yaquina John Point and continue south.
  c. Pedestrian Access to the Bay/Beach Improvements to existing unimproved public rights-of-way is desired to provide public pedestrian access to the bay/beach. This includes Spencer, Grant, Ruble, Keady, Pine, and Fayette Streets in Old Town (and Verbina Street in Downtown).
  d. Sidewalks Additional sidewalks are desired throughout Old Town.
  3. Central Area (South of Starr St/East of Hwy. 101/North of Range Dr./West of Crestline & Cedar Sts.)
  a. Norwood Drive Improvements to Norwood Drive between Starr Street and Pacific View Drive are desired to accommodate existing and future vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  b. Additional East-West and North-South Street Connections Improved street connectivity is desired. Potential connections need to be identified. As development occurs, these street connections need to be constructed. A potential east-west street connection is the extension of Kelsie Lane through Forestry Lane connecting to Hwy. 101.
  c. Pedestrian/Bicycle Connections Additional pedestrian/bicycle facilities are needed that provide connections between the lowland and upland areas. One identified pedestrian connection is the existing power line easement that extends south from the Kendall Ball Fields and west of Crestline Park.
  4. Yaquina John Point
   Pedestrian beach access improvements are desired. This includes the existing beach access at the west end of Waziyata and potential access at three other existing public rights-of-way that lead to the beach (west end of Adahi Avenue and two off Corona Court).
  5. East of Crestline Dr./Cedar Street
  No issues or improvements identified.
  6. South of Range Drive
  a. East-West Street Connections - New east-west collector street(s) that connects to Hwy. 101 is desired. Potential connections need to be identified. As development occurs, these street connections need to be constructed. If new streets are (partially) outside the UGB, a State Goal Exception will be required.
  7. Waldport Heights
  a. Street Improvements Street widening is needed (existing streets are substandard).
  b. Pedestrian Loop A designated pedestrian loop needs to extend from Waldport Heights south to Siuslaw National Forest and west to Lint Slough.
  8. Peterson Park
  No issues or improvements identified.
  9. Alsea Highlands
  No issues or improvements identified.
C. Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Water Transportation Systems and Facilities
  1. Needed and desired bicycle and pedestrian improvements are identified above in each section.
  2. A citywide map showing bicycle and pedestrian routes is needed (similar to the water trails map).
D. Accommodating Critical Facilities
  Existing critical facilities currently located in lowland areas (tsunami zone) need to relocate to upland areas, i.e. Central Coast Fire District, clinic, high school.
E. Public Transportation
  Increased public transit service is needed throughout Waldport and in the region, i.e. between Waldport and Newport.
F. Street Standards
  Street standards need to be identified in the Transportation System Plan and in the Zoning Ordinance.