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DECEMBER 12, 2006

1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: Chair Balen called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Chair Balen and Commissioners Perry, Meatzie, Milligan, Power, Cutter and Streeter answered the roll. A quorum was present. Due to the anticipated number of attendees, the meeting was held at the Waldport High School Multi-Purpose Room.
4. MINUTES: The Commission considered the minutes from the October 24, 2006 meeting. Commissioner Meatzie moved to approve the minutes as presented. Commissioner Power seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
  Chair Balen asked to move Item 7 A up on the agenda for consideration. There were no objections. Mr. Lewis reviewed the conditions of final approval for the Phase 1 Final Approval for the Land & Sea Subdivision. There were no questions. Commissioner Cutter moved to grant final approval to Phase 1. Commissioner Meatzie seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
6. PUBLIC HEARING: Chair Balen opened the public hearing on Case File #3-PD-PC-06, Naples Golf & Beach Resort Planned Development Application and Urban Growth Boundary Adjustment. He called for any abstentions, bias, conflicts of interest, or ex parte contact. Commissioner Perry noted that he had been in discussion regarding the UGB adjustment in his capacity as an employee of the Department of Land Conservation and Development; but it was noted that issue would be heard by the City Council rather than the Planning Commission. Eugene Cvar noted a potential conflict of interest for Commissioner MIlligan, as she was a local realtor; she explained that she would be retiring in the upcoming year and would not be involved in selling any of the subject properties. There were no additional objections voiced to any member of the Commission hearing the testimony.
  Applicant’s Presentation: Mr. Derek Hoyte addressed the Commission and the audience, and introduced Gil Martinez, Shawn Moore and Han Lee. Mr. Martinez provided a Power-Point presentation on the conceptual plan for the development. A question and answer session was then entered into by the audience and the applicant’s representatives. Concerns raised by the audience included: impact on existing streets and neighborhoods resulting from construction and increased residency; potential environmental impacts; time frame to complete the project; the range of housing prices; infrastructure capacity to serve the project and potential impact on additional property owners’ ability to access existing infrastructure; setback requirements & buffering; drainage; impact on local services and resources; impact on surrounding property values and taxes; financing; and the name of the project. The applicant’s representatives responded with an estimate of 7 to 14 years to completion; housing prices to be determined by current market; presence of adequate sewer and water capacity to serve the project while still allowing additional properties to access the infrastructure; an explanation regarding the proposed accesses to the project, with the applicant also indicating continuing dialogue with ODOT in that regard; buffer areas will be provided and individual property owners’ concerns addressed; the project will be eco-friendly, all regulations would be adhered to, and any potential environmental impact minimized; an assurance that the funding for the first phase has already been secured; and an invitation for suggestions for new names. It was also explained that the current hearing was to discuss the overall master plan concept, and additional information will be provided as each phase comes up for public review. Mr. Martinez cited examples of other projects in Prescott, AZ; La Quinta, CA; Sun River, OR; Bend, OR; and Laguna, CA.
  Staff report: City Planner Lewis reviewed the staff report and the relevant criteria according to the Waldport Municipal Code. He reiterated that the applicant was seeking preliminary plan approval for the conceptual plan. If the request is granted, the applicant will be required to come back with detailed plans for each phase of the development, to be individually reviewed in a public hearing forum. In reviewing the planned development requirements, Mr. Lewis noted that the total number of dwellings proposed is approximately 69% of the maximum density allowed in the residential zone. The applicant may ask for increased building height in accordance with the planned development provisions, those requests would come before the Planning Commission during the hearings for each phase of the project, when detailed information is presented. Mr. Lewis indicated that among the requirements proposed in the staff report was a clear delineation of wetlands in each phase of the project, with an explanation of how those natural resources would be protected and enhanced. Additionally, geotechnical analyses will be required for proposed development on slopes greater than 20% with weak foundation soils and all slopes greater than 30%. These will be prepared and submitted for each phase of the development. Mr. Lewis noted that the street system should be designed in accordance with the conceptual plan, with engineering plans submitted for review and approval by the City for each phase of development. A key component of the conceptual plan was the extensive trail system, and it was important that they be accessible to the public. A pump station will need to be installed by the property owner in order to utilize the reclaimed water, and the owner would be responsible for all installation, operational costs and maintenance on the reclaimed water system. Utilities are required to be located underground. The applicant will continue to work with ODOT on concerns regarding access and the weigh station relocation, and Mr. Lewis proposed a condition of approval that the applicant provide a letter to the City from ODOT stating their requirements and conditions prior to submittal of the Phase 1 plans. Mr. Lewis noted that the application was for approval of a Planned Development and Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) adjustment. If preliminary plan approval is granted, the request for a UGB adjustment will be forwarded to the City Council for a decision. Prior to that hearing the applicant will need to provide a legal description and findings to the City that will demonstrate compliance with applicable Oregon Administrative Rules. In concluding his staff report, Mr. Lewis noted that the Planning Commission could choose to continue the hearing, but should then be specific on the additional information to be provided. They could choose to deny the application, basing the denial on reasons related to orderly development and best interests of the surrounding area or the City as a whole. If they chose to approve the application, staff offered 18 conditions of approval, which could be amended at the Commission’s discretion. Mr. Lewis noted that the time limit proposed in the staff report was actually 15 years rather than 10, but that it was appropriate given the scale of the proposed development. The construction of the golf course would be independent of the phasing, and was scheduled to be completed by 2009.
  Deliberations: Commissioner Power asked about water provision. It was explained that most of the water would be provided by Southwest Lincoln County Water District. Commissioner Meatzie noted that at one time there had been a street connection proposed between Whitecap Drive and Dahl Avenue, and wondered about the status of that connection. It was noted that at the time the proposal had been put forward, it was envisioned that the area would remain rural and undeveloped, and that would have been a logical access to the industrial property. However, with the golf course and residential uses being proposed, it would not be appropriate to direct truck traffic through that area. Further discussion regarding traffic ensued. The applicant proposed working with City staff, and including a construction management plan in conjunction with each phase of the project to minimize impacts on existing residential roads. Discussion ensued regarding revising proposed condition #11 to require the developer to utilize reclaimed water for supplemental irrigation of the golf course and open space. Consensus of the Commission was to change the condition, and also to add the requirement for a construction management plan as proposed by the applicant for each phase. Discussion then ensued regarding the UGB modification. The applicant noted that using the hotel site, commercial property and clubhouse they believe they can meet the equivalency standard required for rezoning the small portion of IP zoned property. The intent of the UGB modification is to facilitate the development of the area in a manner to conserve natural resources while allowing for efficient provision of city services and facilities. The exchange of land would be equal, with the area within the boundary being zoned R-1, and the areas outside being zoned PF. Commissioner Milligan suggested that the applicant consider changing the name of the development to something more reflective of its location or some cultural or historic feature of the area. Following discussion the applicant indicated a willingness to consider an alternative.
  Commissioner Cutter moved to approve the application, with staff conclusions as amended by discussion. Commissioner Streeter seconded. City Planner Lewis noted the preliminary approval time limits included three one-year extensions on a per phase basis. Consensus of the Commission was to leave the language as proposed. The motion to approve then carried unanimously on a voice vote. Consensus of the Commission was to have Chair Balen sign the Findings, Conclusion and Final Order when it was prepared.
  A. Phase 1 Final Approval - Land & Sea Subdivision: Previously discussed.
  B. Planning Report: No further information.
  C. Other Issues: Commissioner Cutter noted that he had been elected to the City Council and would be taking his seat in January. He verbally tendered his resignation from the Planning Commission, effective as of January 1, 2007. The Commission thanked him for his efforts on behalf of the City, and wished him luck in his new undertaking.
8. ADJOURNMENT: At 9:30 p.m., there being no further business to come before the Commission, Commissioner Meatzie moved to adjourn. Commissioner Power seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Reda A. Quinlan, City Clerk
APPROVED by the Planning Commission this 27th day of February, 2007.
SIGNED by the Chair this 27th day of February, 2007.
Samuel Balen, Chair