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NOVEMBER 9, 2017

1. CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Woodruff called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.
2. OATH OF OFFICE: City Recorder Eckerman administered the oath of office to Harry Dennis, who then took his seat at the Council table. It was noted that Kevin Greenwood had extended his regrets that he could not take the appointed Council position due to potential work conflicts. The vacancy will be readvertised.
3. ROLL CALL: Mayor Woodruff and Councilors Dunn, Christenson, Dennis, Cutter and Holland answered the roll. A quorum was present.
4. MINUTES: The Council considered the minutes from the October 10 special meeting and the October 12 regular meeting. Councilor Holland moved to approve the minutes as presented. Councilor Christenson seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
 Mayor Woodruff added an item to the agenda, a request from the Library Board to reappoint Barbara Smith-Huggins to an additional term. Councilor Holland moved to approve the appointment. Councilor Cutter seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
5. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Kevin Cass, who is building houses on the golf course, addressed the Council regarding concerns about the deteriorating condition of homes on Crestline and their impact on surrounding property values. He cited Councilor Dunn's home as an example, noting that he was also operating a business out of his home, and asked for his immediate resignation. There were no other comments.
 A. Surplus Property Resolution: Public Works Director Andry noted that staff has been reviewing equipment to determine what is viable and what could be dispensed with. He indicated it would be optimal to purchase a smaller dump trailer to replace the 2 dump trucks and large dump trailer, and moving the camera equipment to a covered utility trailer rather than a separate vehicle. Following a brief discussion, Councilor Cutter moved to approve Resolution No. 1232. Councilor Christensen seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
 B. City Facilities - Workshop: City Manager Kemp reviewed the packet materials regarding the current status of the City's buildings. Councilor Cutter suggested that it may be prudent to talk about building reserves at budget time to ensure that allocations are set aside for long-term needs. Fire Chief Gary Woodson, Chamber President Sheri Williams and City Librarian Sue Bennett were present to discuss their present locations and the future needs of their respective entities. Following discussion, Councilor Cutter suggested that the City look at the possibility of relocation/co-location of the Fire Hall and City Hall, and moved to create a joint commission to explore the idea. Councilor Christenson seconded, asking if other entities could also be included. Councilor Cutter responded affirmatively, noting that it could be left up to each entity to determine who would be on the committee. The motion then carried unanimously. Following further discussion consensus of the Council was to also proceed with a facilities assessment on the existing buildings to ascertain short- and long-term maintenance needs.
 C. Other Issues: None.
7. COUNCIL COMMENTS AND CONCERNS: Councilor Dunn indicated that he did indeed run his business from his home, but there were no chemicals stored on-site and he was operating according to the City's Municipal Code requirements for home occupations. He has had difficulty locating a contractor to complete the project, and the earliest start date he's been able to secure is in January of 2018. A brief discussion ensued regarding the upcoming Planning Commission review of the Municipal Code and the City's code enforcement program. Mayor Woodruff provided a brief review of the affordable housing materials she had included in the packet from the last League of Oregon Cities conference.
8. REPORTS: The written reports from the City Manager, Library Director and Public Works Director were included in the packet materials. City Manager Kemp reported that the recent dedication for the John Maré Woodland Trail had been well-attended, despite the weather. The Southworth Creek water rights are done, though the City will still be doing a permit amendment to correct the point of diversion. With regard to the Open Space, the City had been separately approached by the Siletz Tribe and the Hatfield Center with regard to wetlands mitigation. Mr. Kemp had referred both entities to the School District to continue those discussions. City Recorder Eckerman gave a brief update of the City's new e-billing process. A brief discussion ensued regarding the City's desire to participate in a tsunami preparedness event. Councilor Dennis suggested consideration of an event and/or competition of some sort to help increase citizen involvement in the preparedness event.
9. EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 3:45 p.m. the Council recessed into Executive Session pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(e) and (h): To conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to negotiate real property transactions, and to consult with Counsel concerning the legal rights and duties of a public body with regard to current litigation or litigation likely to be filed. The topics of discussion were the Mercantile, the Open Space, and Dollar General.
10. ACTIONS, IF ANY, FROM EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 4:32 p.m., the Council reconvened into Open Session. Councilor Cutter moved to authorize the City Manager to work with the developer on the conveyance of the property next to Dollar General. Councilor Dunn seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. Councilor Cutter then moved to direct City staff to bring an agreement for the acquisition of the Open Space from the School District. Councilor Dunn seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
12. ADJOURNMENT: At 4:35 p.m., there being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Reda Q Eckerman, City Recorder
APPROVED by the Waldport City Council this 14th day of December, 2017.
SIGNED by the Mayor this 14th day of December, 2017.
Susan Woodruff, Mayor