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MAY 12, 2016

1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: Mayor Woodruff called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. Mayor Woodruff and Councilors Gates, Christenson, Campbell, and Holland answered the roll. Councilors O'Brien and Cutter were excused. A quorum was present.
 Noting the presence of representatives from the Seashore Family Literacy Center and Angell Job Corps, Mayor Woodruff moved the "Shelter Me" proclamation up on the agenda. Senitila McKinley addressed the Council regarding the program and the upcoming events for "Shelter Me Week". Several of the program participants spoke in regard to the benefits they have received by participating in the literacy programs.
2. MINUTES: The Council considered the minutes from the April 14 Council meeting and the April 26 Budget Committee meeting. Councilor Holland moved to approve the minutes as presented. Councilor Gates seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
3. CITIZEN COMMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS: Jan Power distributed a letter of concern and spoke regarding escalating problems with the transient occupation of Keady Wayside. Following discussion, it was determined that staff will research existing regulations and other resources for dealing with this issue. Pam Pitts addressed the Council regarding the Fire District levy in the upcoming election, and urged the Council to explore ways to help support the District. Interim Fire Chief Marcus Reed introduced himself to the Council and provided a brief synopsis of his experience and the goals that he hopes to accomplish during his tenure. Amanda Yount and other representatives from PacWest Ambulance introduced themselves and expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to provide service to this area.
 A. Proclamations: Mayor Woodruff read the Beachcomber proclamation into the record. The Council acknowledged the Older Americans Month proclamation. The Shelter Me Week proclamation was previously addressed.
 B. Taxation and the Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District: City Manager Kemp reviewed his report, noting that the District includes the City of Waldport but also extends up the Alsea Highway to Tidewater and the Five Rivers area. Additionally, there are some portions of the City which are actually in Yachats or Seal Rock Fire Districts. This could make the allocation of City funds to the District problematic. Additionally, the City would not be able to make a fiduciary contribution without reducing other services or implementing an additional tax. Currently, the City does support the District by allowing them to rent their portion of the building for $1 per year, and maintaining and testing the fire hydrants, which would normally be a function of the Fire District. Fire Chief Reed stated that the District had a good working relationship with the City. He explained that the personnel costs run about $120,000 per employee and for full twenty-four hour coverage it takes a minimum of six to seven people. The District is looking at a multitude of ways to address the need for services regardless of the outcome of the levy. Councilor Campbell suggested that this topic be on the agenda for the upcoming joint meeting with the Lincoln County Commissioners on June 1.
 C. Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan/Open Space: City Manager Kemp reviewed his staff report and the attachments, which included draft goals and objectives, the results of the public outreach effort, draft maps, and information on recreational immunity and liability. A brief discussion ensued regarding the potential acquisition of additional properties and the possible enhancements, as well as funding opportunities. Mr. Kemp noted that this is an ongoing process and further updates will be provided at a future public meeting.
 D. Other Issues: None.
5. COUNCIL COMMENTS AND CONCERNS: Mayor Woodruff noted that she is on the Community Relations Council for Angell Job Corps, and they are bringing back the culinary program and looking for an instructor. The mosaic project is now complete, and looks very attractive. She reported that the Council of Governments is providing transportation to the new clinic, and also the "Fairly Priced Food" group is working with representatives from the local market to look at the possibility of providing discounts for low income families and seniors.
6. REPORTS: The reports from the City Librarian, Public Works Director, Code Compliance Officer and City Planner were included in the packet materials. City Manager Kemp reviewed his written report and noted the attachment of the City's Street Light policy, in response to a question that had come up at the Budget Committee meeting.
7. EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 3:40 p.m. the Council recessed into Executive Session pursuant to ORS 192.660 (2)(h), to consult with counsel concerning the legal rights and duties of a public body with regard to current litigation or litigation likely to be filed. The topic of discussion was the status of the water tank rehabilitation project.
8. ACTIONS, IF ANY, FROM EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Council reconvened into Open Session at 3:45 p.m. No actions were taken.
9. GOOD OF THE ORDER: Councilor Campbell reminded the Council of the upcoming dinner and silent/live auction for the Fireworks Fund, which will take place on June 4 starting at 5:00 p.m. He also reported that evidently both the Big Wheel restaurant and the Adobe down in Yachats are under new ownership. A brief discussion ensued regarding the requested zone change for the old Public Works building, and City Manager Kemp noted that this will be on the next agenda for Council action, as it has now been through the public hearing process for the Planning Commission.
10. ADJOURNMENT: At 3:52 p.m., there being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Reda Q. Eckerman, City Recorder
APPROVED by the Waldport City Council this 9th day of June, 2016.
SIGNED by the Mayor this 9th day of June, 2016.
Susan Woodruff, Mayor