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APRIL 12, 2012

1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: Mayor Woodruff called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. Mayor Woodruff and Councilors Kelly, Hanes, Brown, Campbell, Cutter and Holland answered the roll. A quorum was present.
2. MINUTES: The Council considered the minutes from the March 8, 2012 meeting. Councilor Holland moved to approve the minutes as presented. Councilor Campbell seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
3. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Tonner Hayes, president of South County Resources addressed the Council regarding their new facility plan. The suggestion was made at their first presentation before the Council last year to come back in April. The current estimated cost of the project is around $450,000 and they are a third of the way there. A letter of support from the City would help in their fund-raising efforts. Following a brief discussion, Councilor Cutter moved to have the City send a letter of support. Councilor Hanes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
  April Swift addressed the Council regarding concerns about the Woodland trail, noting that there are two trailheads within 70 feet of each other on Hill Street. She suggested that the second trailhead be discontinued and possibly reforested, along with another small portion that came close to residences. City Manager Leonard will meet with her to discuss these suggestions.
  Lincoln County School District Request for Construction on Public Property: Rich Belloni, representing the School District, addressed the Council regarding this request. He explained that the State Fire Marshall requires 1750 GPM fire flow for signoff, and they can currently only reach 1350 GPM from the combined sources of Southwest Lincoln Water District and City of Waldport. The ideal way to remedy the situation and attain the gallons per minute required was to replace the 6" line with 10" along Crestline Drive and install a pump station that will come on when necessary to provide the additional pressure. A location on City-owned park property near the Central Lincoln PUD power station would work for this. The project needs to be completed by June 1, as they want to have the school completed by July of 2013, and they have to have the pressure before any combustibles can be stored on-site. The plan would call for installing about 800' of 10" pipe to meet up with the 8" pipe at the school site. Mr. Belloni noted that the pump station would be turned over to the City upon completion and one year of successful operation. City Manager Leonard also noted that the school has agreed to install pressure valves on properties along Crestline that could potentially be affected by the increased pressure if the pump station needed to be activated. Councilor Campbell moved to allow the School District to proceed with the project. Councilor Cutter seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
  Consideration of Ordinance No. 735, Amending Title 16 (Development Code): Ms. Leonard noted that this ordinance would implement the changes to the Development Code that had been discussed at the public hearing held on March 8. Hearing no objections, Mayor Woodruff read Ordinance No. 735 by title only for the first and second readings. Councilor Cutter moved to adopt Ordinance No. 735 as read. Councilor Holland seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
  Other Issues: None.
5. COUNCIL COMMENTS AND CONCERNS: Councilor Cutter reported that he had attended a rather disappointing Solid Waste advisory committee meeting the previous day, and subsequently drafted a letter to the County Commissioners, suggesting that the committee be reconfigured. Councilor Holland indicated that the group interested in upgrading Veteranís Park is working on fund-raising and one such event will be helicopter rides at the Beachcomber Days celebration, with the proceeds going to the park. No one is willing to donate land for the community garden, so that group will probably have to wait until the high school relocation. Councilor Campbell gave a brief review of the Chamber activities, noting that they are in the midst of new elections, so there will be a new board of directors in June. There will be a benefit event for the Fireworks fund at the golf course on April 14. The Chamber is looking at a welcome sign for Waldport, and ODOT has given permission to put the sign on Highway 101. Casey McEneny, who designed and executed the Waldport Centennial mural, has drafted a design that the Chamber feels is appropriate. The Chamber was requesting the assistance of the Cityís Public Works department in installing the completed sign. Councilor Cutter moved to grant the request. Commissioner Hanes seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. Mayor Woodruff reviewed the ongoing activities of the rural tourism studio, and noted that indicators were showing the local economy was improving slightly. She also mentioned that she was the City representative on the intergovernmental board that oversaw emergency dispatch services. An important vote was coming up, and she asked if the Council would be willing to give her authority to vote on the issue of transferring the dispatch service. Consensus of the Council was to allow her to vote on this issue. A brief discussion ensued regarding the tsunami sirens and who would be responsible for their activation.
6. REPORTS: City Manager Leonard reported that the recent rainfall had been record-breaking, and at the peak the sewer plant was running at 200% of the average daily capacity, with no issues. The Public Works crew had repaired a slump in the sewer line on Norwood Drive. Councilor Campbell noted a strong odor coming from the pump station on the golf course, that information will be forwarded to Public Works. Ms. Leonard indicated that the City has obtained an easement from the Waldport Cemetery for the continuation of the Woodland Trail, and is currently negotiating with Land and Sea Development for an additional easement. She is also looking into a possible property trade of the Public Works shop, which is currently in the tsunami zone, with a parcel that is in the industrial park.
  The reports from the Public Works Director, the City Librarian and the City Planner were included in the packet materials.
7. EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 3:07 p.m. the Council recessed into Executive Session, pursuant to ORS 192.660 (2)(h), To consult with counsel concerning the legal rights and duties of a public body with regard to current litigation or litigation likely to be filed. At 3:55 p.m. the Council meeting was reconvened. No actions were taken.
8. GOOD OF THE ORDER: Councilor Brown asked to attend the upcoming League of Oregon Cities conference. Consensus of the Council was to approve the request.
9. ADJOURNMENT: At 3:59 p.m., there being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Reda Q. Eckerman, City Recorder

APPROVED by the Waldport City Council this 10th day of May, 2012.
SIGNED by the Mayor this 10th day of May, 2012.

Susan Woodruff, Mayor