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AUGUST 13, 2009

1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: Mayor Welch called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. Mayor Welch and Councilors Kelly, Hanes, Woodruff and Cutter answered the roll. Councilor Campbell was excused. A quorum was present.
3. COUNCIL COMMENTS AND CONCERNS: Councilor Kelly reminded the Council that Thursday, September 3 at 3:00 there will be the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the South County campus of Oregon Coast Community College. The following Friday, September 11 at 2:00 the ribbon-cutting for the central campus will be held. He also noted that the Community College Foundation is raising money by selling personalized bricks. Mayor Welch reported on the Mayor’s Conference, noting that he had spoken with ODOT Director Mike Garrett regarding the removal of the Lint Slough Bridge replacement from the project list. Mayor Welch noted that the theme of the conference was "Creative Partnership", how cities can partner with private and public entities in order to accomplish projects, and gave several examples of what other cities are doing.
4. MINUTES: The Council considered the minutes from July 9, 2009. Councilor Kelly moved to approve the minutes as presented. Councilor Cutter seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
 A. Consideration of Telecommunications Franchise for CoastCom, Inc.: Greg Palser, representing CoastCom, was present to address the Council. He explained that they provided "large pipe" connections for businesses, government, education, healthcare and the like. They currently have existing connections to the Oregon Coast Bank, the Waldport Clinic, and the Community College. Following a brief discussion, and hearing no objection, Mayor Welch read Ordinance No. 727 for the first and second times by title only. Discussion ensued regarding the proposed franchise fee, whether services could be provided in lieu of the fee, and whether certain entities could be exempted from paying the franchise fee. It was explained that the franchise fee was in place to ensure that franchisees were paying for the use of public rights of way and sharing in the cost for City services such as locates. Councilor Hanes moved to approve Ordinance 727. Councilor Woodruff seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
 B. Request From Planning Commission to Develop Regulations for Tower Facilities and Energy Conversion Systems: Ms. Leonard explained that the Planning Commission was asking the City Council for authorization to proceed with developing regulations in regard to these issues. Following a brief discussion, Councilor Cutter moved to authorize the Planning Commission to proceed, and suggested they look at code language recently adopted by Lincoln City. Councilor Hanes seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
 C. Consideration of Resolution Amending Section 5.1 of the Council Rules: Councilor Cutter noted that it would seem practical to move adoption of the minutes to the second position on the agenda. Consensus of the Council was favorable. Councilor Hanes then moved to approve Resolution 1140 as amended. Councilor Woodruff seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
 D. Review of Water and Sewer Operating Funds: Ms. Leonard explained that this was a review of current status, and no action would be required. She noted that operating expenses in both the water and sewer fund are close to exceeding or are exceeding revenues. A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the current methodology and ways to ensure that revenues cover expenses. Councilor Cutter suggested including a projection of how alternate methodology would have affected the historical consumption and rates in the materials for the next Council packet. Ms. Leonard indicated that a revision in the way rates are being assessed may not necessarily result in an increase for all customers.
 A. City Manager: Ms. Leonard reported that she was currently questioning a recent invoice sent to the City by the State Government Ethics Commission, and would not authorize payment until she receives a satisfactory response. The Norwood/Starr realignment project is scheduled to begin on August 17, and it is estimated to take about a month. In regard to the waterline core drilling project for Lint Slough, Ms. Leonard noted that the bid deadline is August 25th. She asked for authority to award to bid with a maximum amount of $150,000.00. Councilor Cutter moved to authorize Ms. Leonard to award the bid to the lowest qualified bidder. Councilor Woodruff seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote. The temporary worker at Public Works has been busy clearing weeds from the curbs, cleaning City signs, painting hydrants, and identifying street signs to be replaced. Councilor Woodruff suggested that the City look at getting the streets swept again, as the gutters are starting to fill with debris. Councilor Cutter asked about gateway signs, and Ms. Leonard responded that this was included in the Urban Renewal District #2 projects, once money starts coming into the fund. She reviewed a recent meeting she and the Mayor had attended on herbicide spraying and its effects, and noted she felt it had been a productive meeting with some very practical suggestions for minimizing environmental impacts.
    B. City Librarian: The circulation report was included in the packet materials. Ms. Leonard noted the request for reappointment of Charles Lediard to the Library Board. Councilor Hanes noted that she was familiar with Mr. Lediard and felt that he contributed greatly to the Board. She moved to approve the reappointment. Councilor Cutter seconded, and the motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.
7. GOOD OF THE ORDER: A brief discussion ensued regarding relocating City services out of the tsunami zone, and whether grant monies and assistance from agencies such as the National Guard would help in such a project. Ms. Leonard noted that the Council would be adopting a resolution in the near future to be part of the County’s Disaster Mitigation Plan, which may result in some grant opportunities, though the competition for those grants will be on a national level. Further discussion on the issue may take place at the next Council meeting, and Ms. Leonard will try to find some information on costs.
8. ADJOURNMENT: At 4:10 p.m., there being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Reda A. Quinlan, City Recorder

APPROVED by the Waldport City Council this 10th day of September, 2009.
SIGNED by the Mayor this 10th day of September, 2009.

Herman Welch, Mayor