City Parks

The City of Waldport is situated on the Pacific Ocean, and borders the beautiful Alsea Bay. There are miles of sandy beach available for exploration nearby, as well as several small City parks. These include Meridian Park, at the intersection of Spring Street and Highway 34; Veteran's Park at the intersection of Broadway and Highway 34; Crestline Park (which features a trail, skate park and children's play area), near the intersection of Range Drive and Crestline Drive; and Keady Wayside, near the intersection of Maple Street and Highway 101. The City received a grant to create the Woodland Trail which provides a link between the south end of Crestline Park (off of Crestline Drive) and Kendall Ballfield on Starr Street. There are many groups and individuals who hike this beautiful trail on a regular basis. The City also maintains two public restrooms, one at Crestline Park and another on Highway 101 at the south end of town, across from Keady Wayside.

For some recreational ideas, here's a link to a Travel Oregon article about things to do while you're in Waldport: Maple Bars, Sea Stars and Harbor Seals. Another article which you may find interesting is Dining Al Fresco - From the Bay to Your Bucket, which tells about some of the local seafood delicacies to be found in our bay for the small cost of a shellfish license.

Parks Rules & Regulations

The following City of Waldport Parks Rules and Regulations, adopted by the Waldport City Council on August 11, 2016 shall be observed within the public parks of the City of Waldport, Oregon. As used herein, the words "public park" shall mean and include all property now or hereafter owned and/or controlled by the City of Waldport, Oregon, and operated as a park or trail, or an area available for use by the public.

GENERAL RULES OF CONDUCT IN CITY PARKS. The following rules and regulations for the conduct of persons using the public parks of the City of Waldport, Oregon are hereby established and shall be observed and enforced within said public places:

1. All parks within the City of Waldport are considered day-use parks. Overnight camping is prohibited. No person shall be permitted within a public park between dusk and dawn.

2. No person shall build any fire within any public park except as permitted in a stove or fireplace designed and provided therefore.

3. No fireworks, firearms or explosive devices are permitted in any public park.

4. Drugs and/or tobacco products are prohibited on all public park property.

5. Alcohol is prohibited on all public park property, unless a permit from the City has been obtained. Such permits will not be given for individual use, and proof of insurance and adherence to OLCC regulations will be required.

6. Pets are welcome, but must be leashed. Pet waste must be cleaned up by keeper/owner.

7. Garbage receptacles provided by the City shall not be used for the deposit of garbage or debris brought or generated from homes or businesses or activities which are unrelated to those normally permitted in or at public parks.

8. Amplified music or public address systems are prohibited, except by permit.

9. Except for park maintenance, public utility and other vehicles judged necessary for the construction and maintenance of City parks and utilities therein, no motorized vehicles of any type shall be operated, stopped, parked or left standing in a public park, other than on roads and parking areas specified for that type of vehicle use or as designated by a permit from the City. No overnight parking shall be allowed in any public park.

10. No person may erect signs, markers or inscriptions of any type within a public park, except in a specifically designated area, without permission from the City Manager or designee. The following activities are prohibited in all public parks unless specifically authorized by the City Manager:
 A. The distribution of any circular, notice, leaflet, pamphlet or written or printed information of any kind.
 B. The solicitation of, or engagement in, the sale of any merchandise or service, or the operation of any concessions.

11. The act of panhandling, or begging for goods or money, either verbally or by signage, is prohibited in all public parks.

12. Any activity that is not authorized by a City permit which is incompatible with or disrupts the general public use of park property is prohibited.

13. Public parks are considered non-supervised facilities. Persons using the public parks and their facilities use at their own risk.


1. Crestline Skate Park:
 A. Helmets and other protective gear are recommended.
 B. Persons convicted of criminal activity in this park will be banned from the park.

2. Woodland and other trails:
 A. Hiking, biking or horseback riding is prohibited, except on designated trails.
 B. Collecting or harming plants or wildlife is prohibited.
 C. Use of incendiary devices of any kind is prohibited.


Any violation of any of the above-stated rules will be considered a Class "A" violation pursuant to Chapter 1.08 of the Waldport Municipal Code.