Additional Information

Physical Address: 125 Alsea Hwy.
Mailing Address: PO Box 1120, Waldport, OR 97394
Main Phone Number: (541)264-7417
Fax Number: (541)264-7418

Municipal Court Judge: Bruce McCrum

For Court Information, contact:
City Recorder, Reda Eckerman
(541)264-7417 X 101

Payment Agreement Form

License Reinstatement Program

Agreement Form (For currently suspended drivers)

Pay Your Court Fine Online - Note that the minimum payment is $25. To pay with a debit or credit card, follow the above link or call 800-701-8560
Waldport Municipal Court

Court convenes on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The City's Municipal Court can be reached by calling 541-264-7417 X 101, or by directing your e-mail to City Recorder: Reda Eckerman

Waldport Municipal Court Arraignment Procedure

Check in with the front desk. You will be provided with your arraignment sheet and asked to take a seat in the Council Chambers at the rear of the building. Your case will be heard in the order of check-in. The Judge will ask how you wish to plead to the charges. Information and questions regarding your citation must wait until a plea has been entered. Your choices are as follows:

NOT GUILTY: If you plead "Not Guilty" your case will not be heard today. A hearing (trial) date will be set, and you will be asked to bring any evidence or witnesses you wish the Court to consider. At the time of the hearing, the Judge will hear evidence from the officer who issued the citation and then will hear evidence presented by you. After listening to all the evidence presented, the Judge will issue a decision. Please note that if you are unable to attend the trial, you must notify the Court at least 48 hours prior in order to reschedule.

GUILTY: If you plead "Guilty", your case will be heard today. After you enter your plea, the Judge will ask for and listen to your explanation.

NO CONTEST: If you plead "No Contest", your case will be heard today. The Judge will listen to your explanation and rule, or may decide to set a hearing date in order to hear evidence from the officer as well as yourself.

All traffic fines are to be paid at the time you are sentenced. If you are unable to pay your fine, you will be allowed to enter into a payment plan. The minimum amount that the Court will accept is $25 per month, and a payment will be due each month. There will be no statement sent, it is your responsibility to make the payments on time or to contact the Court if you cannot make your payment and arrange for an extension. Failure to make payments or to contact the Court will result in a notice to DMV for "Failure to Comply" and suspension of your license. Additionally, the Court may take other actions, which are outlined in the Payment Agreement.